UFO at Mashable HQ! Aka the AR.Drone 2  
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UFO at Mashable HQ! Aka the AR.Drone 2.0 #ufo #tech #flying #gadgets

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EN ESTÉREO - cortometraje  

En Estéreo cuenta la historia de Adrián, un joven que quiere comprar un teléfono celular y como no tiene el suficiente dinero decide conseguir uno robado, pero el negocio se complica.

Sergio Suárez, Ramiro Machado, Santiago Chade, Xavier Nochelli, Sergio Cruz,
Rodrigo Nochelli y Jesús Rosales.

guión, dirección y producción DIEGO MINA -- producción ejecutiva TEODORO CIAMPAGNA -- fotografía ALEJANDRO ÁLVAREZ -- arte y vestuario CECILIA FASSANO y DENISA BOLLO -- sonido LUCRECIA MATAROZZO -- música original GUILLERMO PIGNI -- montaje DIEGO MINA -- jefe de producción CAROLINA SCARO -- asistente de dirección JAVIER CORREA CÁCERES -- cámara DIEGO PUCHETA

Duración 13 MIN -- HDV -- 2008 -- San Luis/Córdoba, Argentina

Guión ganador en el Concurso de cine independiente San Luis Cine 2005 -- 15º Festival Latinoamericano de Video Rosario 2008, muestra oficial competitiva -- 3º Festival Nacional de Cortometrajes Pizza, Birra y Cortos 2008, competencia oficial -- 2º Festival Internacional San Luis Cine 2008, sección cortometrajes en competencia -- 1º Muestra de Cine Independiente del Centro 2008, sección oficial de cortometrajes -- 4º Festival Transterritorial de Cine Underground 2008, muestra Córdoba --

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Artistic Excuse  

Shot in HD So Watch in HD!

Uncle Jim is a failed artist turned scam artist who uses art as his excuse for his misbehavior - Your Typical Art School Graduate...
- School project - Set built, designed, lit up and shot in 3 hours.

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 #trees   #iphoneography   #iphonephotography   #igersmanila   #  
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#trees #iphoneography #iphonephotography #igersmanila #streets #themods #goodvibes

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What Was There Is Now  

2012. Duration: 3 minutes.

Music track from freemusicarchive.org:
Lullaby (_ghost) / CC BY-NC 3.0

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Joomla! 1.7 - JA Newsticker Module  
This module allows you to display articles from selected sections or categories on your website

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We did a Google Hangout about social media with some of our frie  
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We did a Google+ Hangout about social media with some of our friends in Asia! #smday #socialmedia

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Wet Dream  

A short about young man Nico having a strange dream. Shooted with Sony EX1. Edited with just a bit of color correction.

End title music: Fattore Wow, Marracash (Universal Domestic)

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Mesmerize Me  

Recently featured in USA Today. http://usat.ly/yEr9yl

1880s California. A traveling hypnotist is hired to cure a troubled young woman. Will their rivalry blossom into romance, or will Estella continue to fixate on a love long since dead?

*James Bridges Award
*Carole Fielding Award
*FujiFilm Graduate Thesis Award
*Deluxe Thesis Award
*Opening Night Selection, Best Cinematography & Best Visual Design, UCLA Festival of New Works

24 minute narrative short film. 35mm.

Here's what the THE WOMEN'S ROOM (www.thewomensroomblog.com) had to say:

"The film is charming, and 24 minutes long, so we suggest you make
yourselves a nice cup of tea, or if you are reading after 6.00pm perhaps a
glass of wine, put your feet up and enjoy the work of this talented female
director and her mostly female crew as a way to start the prelude to a week
of celebrating women. TWR popcorn anyone?"

HerUni.com, a Cosmopolitan award winning blog for college age readers, says
"Are you a fan of period dramas? Forever glued to ITV’s Downton Abbey?
Then you’re sure to love Kate Hackett’s award winning short film 'Mesmerize Me.'"

Read about the "making of" on perioddramas.com: http://www.perioddramas.com/articles/making-the-short-period-drama-mesmerize-me.php

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

"Like" MESMERIZE ME on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/MesmerizeMeMovie

Written and Directed by Kate Hackett
Starring Natalie Smyka, Cameron Cash
Cinematography by Cat Deakins
Original Score by Nora Kroll-Rosenbaum

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