Cycle of Four  

Four seasons. A never ending cycle.

Winner of the
2011 SCAD Challenge - 2nd Place Gold Award

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Portos!  #igersmanila   #goodvibes   #whoawesome   #foodporn   #  
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Portos! #igersmanila #goodvibes #whoawesome #foodporn #cake #portos

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As The Body Remains (HD 720p)  

By Matt Clarke

A Child of mafia connection is sent out to check on a dead body. Upon reaching the corpse he is curious to figure out what really happened and begins to realize the dark and remorseless world in which he has been born into.

Music: Ariake Waveband

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Rattray Marsh-nature relaxation...  

Rattray Marsh - Brook...Wetland salvage...Bird habitat..
Location :Rattray Marsh Conservation Area -Mississauga (ON)
Camera : Fuji HS 25 EXR
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JA rpxnow plugin (for joomla 1.5, 1.6, & 1.7)  
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Canon Lens Day 2011 - Slovak rep.  

Prinášame krátke video z akcie ktorú sme realizovali pre firmu Canon zameranú na objektívy. Po?as troch dní si deasiatky ú?astníkov vyskúšalo desiatky objektívov, ale aj aktuálne portfólio zrkadloviek. Veríme že sa nám podarilo naplni? ú?astníkom ich o?akávania a tešíme sa nabudúce.

Here is a short video we have made for a firm Canon focused on lenses. In three days numbers of participants have tried numbers of lenses, but also the actual portfolio of DSLR. We hope we have fulfilled the wishes of our participants and we are looking forward for the future cooperation.


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Baggage Claim  

This short film is a dark and raw take on a man trying to let go of his guilty conscience.

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