Our head of marketing  @stacygreen  interviews  @unido s Kandeh  
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Our head of marketing @stacygreen interviews @unido 's Kandeh Yumkella

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the Origin of Love (trailer)  

A journey through which man and woman's backs become interconnected and they become a one.

Director: Chohyun Lim & Hoisun Kim
Cho&Hoi film, 2012©


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In today's show we talk about a new Dark Knight Rises trailer, Alec Baldwin punching a photog, new flavors of Doritos Locos Tacos at Taco Bell, 20 min of Dead Space 3 released, Octomom adult film teaser is out, Kate Upton on GQ, Spencer West climbed Kilimanjaro, Apple denied people iPads, and Microsoft released their new Surface tablet. Check out today's SourceFed!! bit.ly Get some PhillyD Merch: forhumanpeoples.com ---------------------------- ALL of today's Stories Newest DKR Trailer: lat.ms Alec Baldwin Punched Photog: bit.ly New Doritos Locos Tacos: bit.ly 20 Min of Dead Space 3: bit.ly Octomom can't be Stopped: gaw.kr Kate Upton on GQ (just for you) bit.ly Spencer West on Mt Kilimanjaro: bit.ly Apple Denied Costumers: bit.ly The New Microsoft Surface: bit.ly ---------------------------- Philly D OFFICIAL APP: bit.ly FACEBOOK: on.fb.me TWITTER: Twitter.com INSTAGRAM: @phillydefranco WEBSITE: phillyd.tv GOOGLE+ bit.ly music by: Ronald Jenkees: bit.ly @hagemeister @urbandelights

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Michael Chua
Teh Siew Peng

Make-up & logging: Felicia Quah
Sound direction & Editing: Vivian Koh
Cam & Gaffer: Mark Wee
Direction of Photography: Choo Han Pin
Written, Produced and Directed by Tan Jiahui

For my Grandfather.
May you rest in peace.

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Metronome - short film (2010)  

An old man is fading in and out of his memories, and quietly contemplating how his life will end in assisted living care. Just as he begins to feel as though he has become a burden to his family, his young grandson comes to him.

'Metronome' is a postulative short film that pays attention to the passage and monotony of time at the end of our life. I was invited to contribute a film to the Remodernist feature collaboration 'In Passing.' This is the result.

It had its world premiere at Cinekinosis in Bristol, UK, and a North American premiere at the Quad Cinema in Manhattan as part of the International Film Festival Manhattan. It's also been invited to play at the Moscars Al-Hurria Film Festival in Cairo, Egypt, and the Short Circuit Fest in Bulgaria.


WRITTEN, DIRECTED, EDITED BY: Christopher Michael Beer
DP: Nicholas Kapanke
PRODUCED BY: Mary Beidler Gearen and Nicholas Kapanke
STARRING: George Val Beer and Liam Maves

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The magic of Spring.  #fortune   #cookie   #food   #whoawesome   
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The magic of Spring. #fortune #cookie #food #whoawesome #igersmanila #igersla

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Joomla! 1.7 - JA Social plugin  
JA Social plugin allows integration of Facebook Like It, Facebook share, Twitter Post, Buzz It, Digg It button into the Joomla! articles

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Linuxworld Expo San Francisco 2006  

Joomla! posted a photo:

Linuxworld Expo San Francisco 2006

Joomla! at the Linuxworld Expo, San Francisco, 2006

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