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LWL: Californication  

American Dreaming Team heads out to LA for the Cover shoot with Scott Vener In the Hollywood Hills.

LWL: Life We Living

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BARE, a short film (Teaser)  

HD version. A psychology professor in an unhealthy marriage develops a fixation with someone at his school.
BARE is currently screening at festivals.

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Metronome - short film (2010)  

An old man is fading in and out of his memories, and quietly contemplating how his life will end in assisted living care. Just as he begins to feel as though he has become a burden to his family, his young grandson comes to him.

'Metronome' is a postulative short film that pays attention to the passage and monotony of time at the end of our life. I was invited to contribute a film to the Remodernist feature collaboration 'In Passing.' This is the result.

It had its world premiere at Cinekinosis in Bristol, UK, and a North American premiere at the Quad Cinema in Manhattan as part of the International Film Festival Manhattan. It's also been invited to play at the Moscars Al-Hurria Film Festival in Cairo, Egypt, and the Short Circuit Fest in Bulgaria.

WRITTEN, DIRECTED, EDITED BY: Christopher Michael Beer
DP: Nicholas Kapanke
PRODUCED BY: Mary Beidler Gearen and Nicholas Kapanke
STARRING: George Val Beer and Liam Maves

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Dream Within a Dream  

The reason we make films. Inspired by Edgar Allan Poe's poem.

Features "Week Seven" by Ben von Wildenhaus (

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Cycle of Four  

Four seasons. A never ending cycle.

Winner of the
2011 SCAD Challenge - 2nd Place Gold Award

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Notebook EXPO 2012 - Stanok Canon  

Pripravili sme pre Vás krátky zostrih toho, ?o sa dialo na stánku Canonu po?as Notebook EXPO. Mali ste možnos? zaži? krátky workshop ktorý pre Vás pripravila Š, príhovor známeho fotografa F1 Martina Trenklera a po?as celého d?a ste mali možnos? vyskúša? si z noviniek CANONu.Škola-Fotografiesk/166549983355088 - Š fanpage

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Canon Lens Day 2011 - Slovak rep.  

Prinášame krátke video z akcie ktorú sme realizovali pre firmu Canon zameranú na objektívy. Po?as troch dní si deasiatky ú?astníkov vyskúšalo desiatky objektívov, ale aj aktuálne portfólio zrkadloviek. Veríme že sa nám podarilo naplni? ú?astníkom ich o?akávania a tešíme sa nabudúce.

Here is a short video we have made for a firm Canon focused on lenses. In three days numbers of participants have tried numbers of lenses, but also the actual portfolio of DSLR. We hope we have fulfilled the wishes of our participants and we are looking forward for the future cooperation.


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riah//here now PEACE  


Artist: riah

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riah//89 RAW VIDEO
riah ft. James Blake

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