Joomla! 1.7 - JA Bookmark Plugin  
This plugin helps your visitors promote your site and allows any visitor to bookmark your pages easily with many popular services

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In or Out?  

The short film is a comedic take on love and hate in a relationship. It is about all the times that you feel like you want to kill your boy/girlfriend or find an escape plan.

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Fourth of July Sparkler Module | ABS  

I was commissioned by the American Bible Society ( to produce two modules for their video wall in NYC. You can see the wall here:

Concept: Jon Muedder, Bailey Current, Tim Morrison & David Stanfield

Score by Touch Me Not Music, A Charlotte Collective

A big thank you to the Doerflinger family!

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 #Margarita   #slushie   #foodporn   #instagram   #igersmanila   
Post by In Instagram
#Margarita #slushie #foodporn #instagram #igersmanila #goodvibes fun times.. good times.

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JA commentofoff Plugin (for joomla 1.5, 1.6, & 1.7)  
This plugin is one of the JA Comment extension packages. It is used to disable comment in specific articles by putting {jacomment off) tag in the article's content from backend.

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Easy Update (JAT3 Framework Video #3)  
This video demonstrate how easy it is to update the JoomlArt T3 framework using JA Extensions Manager. It allows backup and rollback and helps to move customized block from older files to new files.

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