Bring in the thunder!  #okc   #heat   #nbafinals  
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Bring in the thunder! #okc #heat #nbafinals

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Before,  @christerickson  was a  #starwarsvirgin . Now, a Jedi!  
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Before, @christerickson was a #starwarsvirgin . Now, a Jedi!

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ADELINE - short film  

The story opens up to reveal a poet’s life or death circumstances. Played by Daniella Alma, the character Adeline decides to literally dig up her past with shovel in hand, reaching deep into the ground to reconnect with a book of her most personal writings. Over the course of this short film we experience the inner battle that Adeline encounters with her darker self.

The movie was directed by Joseph Arnone and is the third collaboration between both artists.

"Ghost Song" Composed by Max Ablitzer -

Digital Music Composed by Christopher Arnone

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The city that never sleeps! I love this view  
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The city that never sleeps! I love this view.:) #9pmhabit #igersmanila @igersmanila *IGvista #lovethisview #newyork #buildings #goodvibes #iphonephotography #themods #igersla

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Sleep Paralysis  

Have you ever heard of sleep paralysis? Have you experienced it yourself?
If not, here's an experience you don't want to miss.

1. Sit in a room, alone.
2. Turn off the lights.
3. Make the video full screen and watch it in HD.
4. Put on headphones and turn the volume up.
5. Press PLAY and enjoy!

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My ninjago alarm clock!  #9pmhabit   #IGescuela   #goodvibes   #  
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My ninjago alarm clock!:) #9pmhabit #IGescuela #goodvibes #themods #whoawesome @igersmanila @cclozano @ipetim @pinkipop27 @edcalycay

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Seeping Through  

A short film about a mans past reaching out to his present regret-filled self.

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