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Wet Dream  

A short about young man Nico having a strange dream. Shooted with Sony EX1. Edited with just a bit of color correction.

End title music: Fattore Wow, Marracash (Universal Domestic)

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208 Hours  

FIlmed & Edited By Arief Wiratama (Likelight)

I Will Be Here (Wolfgang Gartner Remix)
By Tiƫsto

Feel So Close
By Calvin Harris

Falling Down
By Sub Focus

Right In
By Skrillex

By Dried Cassava

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Dunkel wars...  

Dunkel wars der Mond schien helle. Als ich blitzeschnelle Schere, Papier und ein Buttermesser schwang. Dabei herausgekommen ist dieses Filmchen.

Entstanden im Sommersemester 2011 an der HS-Anhalt im Fachbreich Design in De

The moon shone bright and it was dark outside. When I flashed fast scissors, paper
and a butter knife.The result is a stop motion movie based on a German folk poem.
Made in the summer term 2011 at the HS-Anhalt in Dessau.

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Michael Chua
Teh Siew Peng

Make-up & logging: Felicia Quah
Sound direction & Editing: Vivian Koh
Cam & Gaffer: Mark Wee
Direction of Photography: Choo Han Pin
Written, Produced and Directed by Tan Jiahui

For my Grandfather.
May you rest in peace.

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Baggage Claim  

This short film is a dark and raw take on a man trying to let go of his guilty conscience.

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In or Out?  

The short film is a comedic take on love and hate in a relationship. It is about all the times that you feel like you want to kill your boy/girlfriend or find an escape plan.

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Seeping Through  

A short film about a mans past reaching out to his present regret-filled self.

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A short film depicting the difference and inner struggle to be yourself in a society that demands conformism.
Music By Placebo

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Two Fires - Short Documentary & Artist Profile  

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Artists Ian and Paula Rylatt show us their artistic approach to two individual projects while exploring what it means to be an artist living a rural and alternative lifestyle in the Welsh countryside.

Producer, Cinematography & Grading: Oliver Hadlow-Martin
Director: Danny Carter
On-location Sound: Lilith Panter
Editors: Danny Carter & Sara Trzupek
Post Sound: Danny Carter

The Dove - Caspian
re:Stacks - Bon Iver

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